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Canyon Bicycles Team
Canyon Bicycles Tour of Utah Team

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My time with Canyon Bicycles 2008 - 2011 :)


3rd Overall UT CX Series 35+A 2008
7th Draper CX Rd#11 12-06-08
5th-Wheeler Farm CX rd#10 11-29-08
6th-UT State CX Champ 11-22-08
4th-Wheeler Farm CX rd#8 11-15 08
2nd-Wheeler Farm CX rd#6 11-02-08
3rd-RMR CX rd#5 11-01-08
2nd-Weber XC round #3 10-18-08
3rd-Heber CX round #2 10-11-08
1st- USCF 2008 training series
2nd- Draper CX Round #1 10-04-08
2nd- Falling into Cross CX 09-27-08
2nd- Canyons CX 09-20-08
2nd- Biose Bonzi SD 09-14-08
1st- Sundance SD 08-31-08
9th- Ulta Widowmaker HC 08-16-08
3rd- Snow Bird XC 07-26-68
13th- Big Cottonwood HC 07-19-08
3rd- MTB state Champ XC 07-05-08
2nd- Deer Valley Nat. SD 06-29-08
5th- Deer Valley Nat XC 06-28-08
1st Sundance SD 6-22-08
4th- Inter Mountain cup XC 06-01-08
3rd- Ogden CR 05-03-08
4th- Bear Lake classic RR 04-17-08
4th- Frozen Hog XC 03-16-08
5th- Utah State CR 03-10-08
8th- Int,Cup CX #1 3-1-08
1st- Winter Tri 02-23-08
2nd- 5K snowshoe 01-19-08
1st- Last call CX 01-05-08


1st CX Last Call 01-03-09
1st XC Frozen Hog 02-07-09
10th XC Dessert Rampage 03-07-09
3rd XC Cholla Challenge 04-04-09
3rd XC Stan Crane Mem 05-25-09
2nd XC Sundance Spin 05-30-09
3rd XC Deer Valley 06-13-09
1st SD Wolf Creek 06-20-09
1st XC Snowbird 07-11-09
1st XC Utah state champ 40+ Expert
1st XC I Cup finals 8-1-09
2nd XC Icup overall 2009
3rd HC Snowbird Hillclimb 8-22-09
5th HC UltraWidowmaker 8-22-09
2rd CR Harvest Moon Crit 9-22-09
4th CX UTCX #2 10-10-09
3rd CX UTCX#3 10-17-09
3rd CX UTCX#4 10-24-10
2nd CX UTCX #5 10-31-09
3rd CX UTCX #6 11-1-09
8th CX UTCX #7 11-7-09
4th CX UTCX #8 11-21-09
6th CX UTCX #10 11-28-09
7th CX UTCX #11 12-05-09
3rd CX UTCX overall 35+A's 09


2nd XC 02-01-10 Frozen Hog Alpline, UT
7th XC 03-06-10 ICup St George, UT
2nd XC 04-03-10 ICup Hurricane, UT
4th XC 05-15-10 ICup Sundance Resort, UT
4th XC 05-22-10 ICup Heber, UT
5th XC 05-31-10 ICUP Draper, UT
4th CR 06-05-10 E-Center Salt Lake city, UT
5th XC 06-12-10 ICup Deer Valley, UT
1st XC 06-19-10 ICup Logan, UT
3rd XC 06-26-10 Jackson Hole, WY
2nd XC 07-03-10 Snowbird Resort, UT
8th RR 07-24-10 Chalk Creek RR, UT
2nd XC 07-31-10 Snowbasin Resort, UT
2nd XC 08-07-10 The Canyons resort, UT
2nd XC 2010 ICup overall
7th RR 08-28-10 Sanpete RR Sanpete, UT
2nd XC 2010 40+ Expert overall, ICup
1st CX 09-11-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CX 09-18-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CR 09-25-10 Harvest Moon Crit Ogden, UT
1st CX 09-26-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-02-10 UTCX#1 Draper, UT
1st CX 10-03-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-09-10 UTCX#2 Ogden, UT
1st CX 10-10-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
2nd CX 10-16-10 UTCX#3 Salt Lake city, UT
1st CX 10-17-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-24-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 2010 Raleigh Cross Overall
4th CX 10-23-10 UTCX#4 Ogden, UT
10th CX 10-30-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
10th CX 10-31-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
1st CX 11-06-10 PICX Gordon Moore Park, MO
7th CX 11-07-10 Bubba Cross Queeny Park, MO
11th CX 11-21-10 Bubba Cross Mt Pleasent Winery, MO
7th CX 12-04-10 MO State CX Kansas City, MO


5TH XC UFD Leadbelt XC, St.Joe MO 3-13-11
1st XC UFD Greensfelder Challenge, Eureka, MO 6-7-11
2nd XC KC Cup, Blue Springs, MO Cat-1 40-49 6-12-11
1st XC UFD Indian Creek Camp grd 6hr, Foristell, MO 6-22-11
2nd XC UFD Castlewood XC, Wildwood, MO 7-9-11
2nd XC UFD Brommelsiek Challenge, Wentzville, MO 7-17-11
1st XC UFD Spoke and Pony Showdown, KC, MO 8-13-11
1st XC UFD Cyclewerx Crankfest, Cape Girardeau, MO 8-21-11
1st XC MO State Champion, Cat-1 40-49 2011
2nd CX Gateway Cross Cup 40-99 master, U-City, MO 9-21-11
1st XC UFD Chubby Chaser,Eureka,MO 10-2-11
1st CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #1 Cat-3/4 10-15-11
1st CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #2 Cat-3/4 10-16-11
1st CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #3 Cat-3/4 10-23-11
8th CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #4 Cat-1/2/3 10-29-11
3rd CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #5 Cat-1/2/3 11-12-11
4th CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series #6 Cat-1/2/3 11-13-11
1st CX MO State Championships KC,MO 12-4-11
8th CX Veldrijden Columbia, Columbia,MO 12-18-11
3rd CX Bubba Mem Cyclocross series overall Cat-1/2/3 2011 1st XC UFD Cat-1 40+ overall winner

Friday, January 20, 2012


Don't worry about political or cosmic catastrophes because this issue will surely get us first. The greatest collectively ignored issue of mankind. The "Pink Elephant" in his room of human reality. .

You tell someone to believe in Jesus and there like " YEAH "! You tell someone to recycle and there like "YEAH"! Tell them to feed the world and there like"YEAH"! Tell them to save the animals and there like "YEAH"! Tell them to save the rainforest and there like "YEAH!" etc! . . . . . . . tell those same people they need to ride a bike to make it happen and listen to the crickets come out! Car culture is SO DEEP in our public DNA now that we're openly doomed. . . .