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Canyon Bicycles Team
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Race results

2nd XC 02-01-10 Frozen Hog Alpline, UT
7th XC 03-06-10 ICup St George, UT
2nd XC 04-03-10 ICup Hurricane, UT
4th XC 05-15-10 ICup Sundance Resort, UT
4th XC 05-22-10 ICup Heber, UT
5th XC 05-31-10 ICUP Draper, UT
4th CR 06-05-10 E-Center Salt Lake city, UT
5th XC 06-12-10 ICup Deer Valley, UT
1st XC 06-19-10 ICup Logan, UT
3rd XC 06-26-10 Jackson Hole, WY
2nd XC 07-03-10 Snowbird Resort, UT
8th RR 07-24-10 Chalk Creek RR, UT
2nd XC 07-31-10 Snowbasin Resort, UT
2nd XC 08-07-10 The Canyons resort, UT
2nd XC 2010 ICup overall
7th RR 08-28-10 Sanpete RR Sanpete, UT
2nd XC 2010 40+ Expert overall, ICup
1st CX 09-11-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CX 09-18-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CR 09-25-10 Harvest Moon Crit Ogden, UT
1st CX 09-26-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-02-10 UTCX#1 Draper, UT
1st CX 10-03-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-09-10 UTCX#2 Ogden, UT
1st CX 10-10-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
2nd CX 10-16-10 UTCX#3 Salt Lake city, UT
1st CX 10-17-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-24-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 2010 Raleigh Cross Overall
4th CX 10-23-10 UTCX#4 Ogden, UT
10th CX 10-30-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
10th CX 10-31-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
1st CX 11-06-10 PICX Gordon Moore Park, MO
7th CX 11-07-10 Bubba Cross Queeny Park, MO
11th CX 11-21-10 Bubba Cross Mt Pleasent Winery, MO
7th CX 12-04-10 MO State CX Kansas City, MO

Friday, August 20, 2010

2nd Overall 2010 Intermountain Cup Ex-40+

There was 13 races in this series. Starting in March and ending in August. Starting in the deserts of southern Utah before heading north to the alpine ski resorts of northern Utah. The fastest field outside of the Pros leaves many reluctant to compete in our class. Made up of mostly former Pros with children and like me are faster in there 40's than in there 30's or 20's. A few mechanicals held me back, but I'm sure the fastest man won the series. That's 2 years in a row taking second place overall.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2nd @ Basin Bash XC 7-31-10

Renovated for the 2002 winter olympics, Snow Basin ski resort served as yet another perfect venue. Updated and renovated for the olympics the resort was totally awesome for summer events as well. I've had bronchitis for 2 weeks, had untested tires, and absolutely no preride. The Snow Basin venue plays host to weekly training series, so I new the locals would have the home court advantage. For racing the course blind I did really well, holding the lead for the first lap. The new tires where a huge stumbling block of resistance and control and in this class you need to keep things as seamless as possible. Stuck in second overall for the series I plan on making a statement at the finals this weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

5th Stan Crane Memorial 5.31.10

This venue is very unique. The trail system, also Known as " Corner Canyon" is built in, around and through the surrounding neighborhood. 3000+ ft of climbing and single track so complex that I could not memorize the course to any real benefit. The turn out is huge do to the whole neighborhood showin up to defend there turf. I finished 5th which was great for me. I made no mistakes though my fitness is as slow in coming as spring it's self. I now move deep into second overall for the series.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

4th Hammer Fest @ Soldier Hollow 5.22.10

The truth is in the title. "Soldier Hollow" was a cross country ski course designed and raced in the 2002 Olympics. In the spring however its simply grass roads wandering up and across the mountain side. The course was shortened by 1 mile of the ONLY single track involved in the course, leaving 8 miles of hilly grass roads. It was snowing all night and the morning before the race. The rained stopped an hour before the start and the course being all grass was only slightly effected. Anxiety was still high with the riders over the rain. Now that " Twitter" updates are live from the course the races have higher attendance when rain is in the area instead of assuming it's muddy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

4th Sundance Spin 2010

Home of the "Sundance Film Festival" this ski resort course is one of the most difficult in the series. Hard enough just to finish, let alone place. With a back drop like something out of " Lord of the Rings" the race starts with at least 20 minutes of climbing at full effort to the top. This is some of the first singl...e track offered is the series and the first out of the deserts and up in the mountains. I led the climb 2/3 of the way up. Catching first at the bottom, starting the second lap. After that I battled inside the top 6 until pulling ahead to secure a hard fought 4th.


I don't care where your from, I don't care what religion, philosophy or movement you follow. What job or career you have. Your political views or environmental stance really don't matter. I don't care if your an animal lover, terrorist or patriot. I don't care if your live in the country or city, desert or woods. I don't care if your a man or a woman, gay, straight, rich or poor. I don't care if your life is hectic or if your handicapped or have children. I don't care what nationality, continent or Island your from. If your a grandma, little nephew, family friend, brother, distant cousin or a orphan. I don't care if your the Pope, pastor, president or homeless. I don't care if your a doctor, murderer, midget or what your future intension are. I really don't care what you feel about me or this message. If you forget it, hate it or even agree. I Really just don't care.... BUT! If your a human YOU NEED TO QUITE DRIVING A CAR FOR EVERY DAMN THING YOU DO!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

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I'll sit before I lay
I'll stand before I sit
I'll walk before I stand
I'll jog before I walk
I'll run before I jog
I'll sprint until I'm forced to quite
I'll ride before all of these
and drive if there no other way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7th Desert Rampage 3-6-10

Desert Rampage is the season opener for the - Intermountain Cup- cross country race series. The series starts here the first weekend in March because of the warm weather conditions in southern Utah year round. The series works it's self northward as the season gets warmer. Many come from Arizona, Nevada, Colorado eager to race this soon in the year. Many having been stuck working out indoors and have new equipment to try out. From the Pro field to the beginner class the fields where packed, the weather was great as usual. The course is technically friendly for all. Can't ask for more

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010