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Canyon Bicycles Team
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st MO State Championships 2011

The ultimatum. . . . The race organizers decided to host both the road and mountain bike state championships on the same day. Effectively cutting into attendance of both. Leaving the few with dual potential in both disciplines to make a decision. I chose off road to avoid team tactics that occure in road racing.
Eyes where on radar during the 24hrs leading up to the race. Current and predicted rain forecast drowned out the enthusiasm of many. The treacherously technical course would scare off the remainder of the unsure.
Arriving to a drizzling course insured no test ride or warm up would happen. Knowingly racing on fast tires with NO traction is not smart. Riding them on rocks and mud is really asking for it. I got the whole shot, led to the single track and for half of the first lap when a group of 6 passed me in a field crossing. I chased them into the the single track where I lost track of who's who as we began to pass lap riders. The course dried up slightly before the finish but many elbows and knees suffered the consequences.
I came out of my pedals many times and with plastic bottom cycling shoes wasn't anymore graceful when pushing the bike. Happy to have stayed off the ground I finished once again in a shell shocked daze of flash back close calls that happened through out the race. Hoping I stayed in the top 3 I was shocked to find I had won.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ist overall, Indian Creek Campground 6hr, 6/22/11

Where to start. With very few mountain bike rides this year and fewer mountain bike races. No test ride, no warm up etc. There's no reason I should have won other than I always swing for the fences in any challenge regardless of the odds or chances. Suffocate anxiety, chin check doubt and bring all your experience to the table. From my bikes set up to the supplements propelling me ( CR carborocket ) , all your ducks have to be in a row. 5 hrs of suffocating heat ended in cold hypothermic rain and the deadliest weekend in tornado history as the loud speaker at the award ceremony attempted to speak over the tornado sirens. I am humbled by every successful event!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ist overall Greensfelder Challenge 2011

After being plagued with poor tire choices in 29ers I was FINALLY able to get my favorites in the 29r version. This course had received many days of rain turning the rocky condition treacherous. Many riders sitting this one out. I had never seen or ridden the new trails at Greenfelder and had no warm up. The starts are crucial here as I struggled to hold the front on the way to the single track. Entering the single track in second was fine but dictated my pace to the bottom of the first climb where all my gaps happen in racing. First place left me in no mans land for the next hour, till third pulled up and later pulled away. More scared of the treacherous course I refused to be distracted with a chase or pursuit. With 5 miles left second place was coming back quickly as his legs where cramping. Coming to the finish line I was happy with second. Only to find out first had broke his wrist and I had won the race. Still shell shocked from riding/ramping/sliding through muddy rocks for 2+hrs I could only stare ground and thank the Lord for letting me come through healthy( Thank You )!!!!