Canyon Bicycles Team

Canyon Bicycles Team
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Don't sweat the technique

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 different sports, 3 different cultures, 3 times the fun!

Winter Tri- RUN- BIKE-XC SKI

8:30 a.m. mass start. Some specializing in running, some cycling, some serious national caliber XC skiers. The course was fresh for the leaders. Softening with every passing competitor. The run produced little time gaps in comparison with cycling and the ability to use traditional XC skis or " Skate skis ". Skate skis literally twice as fast as traditional. When the smoke cleared I ended up 1st in my age group and 5th overall. Learned a lot and had fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

With 15-25 falls and substantial amout of walking the 2008 Frozen Hog turned out to be a very damanding course once again. Fun, cold and the 29r mtb out traversing the 26ers, winning the overall by serveral minutes. I got 4th in the expert 40-49.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Jan 25-27 Las Vegas hosted the first road event of the year. A stage race, starting with a time trial on friday, crit on Sat and the road race on Sun. Having no roads ridable because of snow and having only snowshoed or XC skied this season I new this race was a training ride in disguise. Climbing and time trialing being my obvious weakness I was looking foreword to my punishment I knew I had coming. I was last or nearly last in every event accept the criterium. With 7000+ feet of climbing in 51 miles assured the road race would be handed to the climbers ( as it should ). Rain dominated the weekend, letting up for the crit on Sat. I'll use the race experiance to inspire my training.