Canyon Bicycles Team

Canyon Bicycles Team
Canyon Bicycles Tour of Utah Team

Don't sweat the technique

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sundance Showdown " Super D "

What is a " Super D " race. It's a super long distance downhill mountainbike course, thus " Super D". Sundance Ski resort, home of the " Sundance film festival " host the last round of the " Utah State Downhill Series ". Ensuring the overall winners will all be present. After over shooting several turns on a course I had no chance to test ride ( yet again ). I focus on flow and remain undefeated here for 4 yrs. I'm in this video twice from 07.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good luck my friends

I think it's funny how narrow the average cyclist is willing to experience cycling beyond there comfort zone. From the bmxers snickering at the road bikers shorts, the maverick commuter to passive to compete. The mullet mentality of the down hill mountain bike racers in contrast to the fragile pompous ego's of self perceived elite cyclist . The sabotaging help of shop clerks, the expired info of one time cyclist. The fashion driven single speed bikes ridden by the most unskilled generation ( more Lemmings ). The child trying to find there independence, to the mature trying to hold on to there youth. All with huge blind spots "Pied Piping" the unknowing into there cycling rut. I fear for those earnestly seeking well rounded help.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ULTA - Widowmaker 8-16-08

After spending 3 great weekends off the bike I looked foreward to some challenging events. Starting with the Ultra- Widowmaker, http://www.sports-am.com/events/index765.htm. Called" ONE OF THE TOUGHEST HILL CLIMBS IN THE COUNTRY " .Combining 2 of the hardest hill climbs of the year ( road & mountain combined) into a single race. Starting with a 3000+ ft road climb in 9 miles. This road climb closely mirrors the profile of the " Alpe d' Huez" climb, the hardest stage of the Tour D France. Then transfering to the MTB bike for an additional 3000+ ft climb in 5 miles, for a total of nearly 6000 ft+ in 15 miles. Starting at 4700 ft elevation and cresting at 11,000 ft.
95% of the competitors (several hundered) competed in the road stage only. Very few (only 41) had the confidence to combine the 2 most difficult climbs of the year into one. Finishing the road section in 7th ( cat-3 ). 7 minutes faster than my 07 time. I transfered to the MTB and finished 8th overall.
P.S Last time I was 147 lbs I was 14 yrs old.