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Monday, February 9, 2009

1st... Frozen Hog 2009

Frozen Hog is the XC season opener. Not a part of any series and predictably in some type of snow, it primary motivation is pure fun and fund raising. Never the less anyone who thinks they are good in the snow show up. 29r's incase you don't look around are taking over the podium and XC races in general and I knew snow was one of there specialties. So I lowered my tire pressure to about 18-25lbs and in the start road away from the pro field with a running start and held the lead until the last 4 minutes of the course and was passed by two 29rs approaching the finish line. They rerouted the course right before the start and I made many wrong turns and even back tracked until I could see second to confirm I was on the right path. I finished 1st in 40+ expert and 3rd overall. I get my 29r in the next week or 2, then the scales will be balanced.


rich said...

Good job at the Hog Sam. I totally blew it with way to high tire pressure. Oh well It's all for fun. (although I'm nut sure I had much fun during the race). I will be down for the St. George race and will be racing in the expert class for the first time. I don't know if I'll be able to hold on for 3 laps but I'll give it my best try.


Anonymous said...

i don't know that 29" wheels helped as much as tire width and suppleness of casing. even on the pug(29" and wide) i had a hard time in the soft slush.

you are quite a rider for leading and only getting passed at the end.

what kind of 29er are yoou getting?

Anonymous said...

hey sam,

i am leaving friday morning and doing a course pre-ride at 2:00pm

you are invited or i'll see you there race day.

hopeful it won't rain. my knee has been causing me pain all week. might have to take it easy this race. i will know better on friday afternoon.


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