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Canyon Bicycles Team
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Race results

2nd XC 02-01-10 Frozen Hog Alpline, UT
7th XC 03-06-10 ICup St George, UT
2nd XC 04-03-10 ICup Hurricane, UT
4th XC 05-15-10 ICup Sundance Resort, UT
4th XC 05-22-10 ICup Heber, UT
5th XC 05-31-10 ICUP Draper, UT
4th CR 06-05-10 E-Center Salt Lake city, UT
5th XC 06-12-10 ICup Deer Valley, UT
1st XC 06-19-10 ICup Logan, UT
3rd XC 06-26-10 Jackson Hole, WY
2nd XC 07-03-10 Snowbird Resort, UT
8th RR 07-24-10 Chalk Creek RR, UT
2nd XC 07-31-10 Snowbasin Resort, UT
2nd XC 08-07-10 The Canyons resort, UT
2nd XC 2010 ICup overall
7th RR 08-28-10 Sanpete RR Sanpete, UT
2nd XC 2010 40+ Expert overall, ICup
1st CX 09-11-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CX 09-18-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
3rd CR 09-25-10 Harvest Moon Crit Ogden, UT
1st CX 09-26-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-02-10 UTCX#1 Draper, UT
1st CX 10-03-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-09-10 UTCX#2 Ogden, UT
1st CX 10-10-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
2nd CX 10-16-10 UTCX#3 Salt Lake city, UT
1st CX 10-17-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 10-24-10 Raleigh Cross, UT
1st CX 2010 Raleigh Cross Overall
4th CX 10-23-10 UTCX#4 Ogden, UT
10th CX 10-30-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
10th CX 10-31-10 Bubba Cross Creve Couer, MO
1st CX 11-06-10 PICX Gordon Moore Park, MO
7th CX 11-07-10 Bubba Cross Queeny Park, MO
11th CX 11-21-10 Bubba Cross Mt Pleasent Winery, MO
7th CX 12-04-10 MO State CX Kansas City, MO

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