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Friday, June 6, 2008

Bikes for Kids 2008

On May 31st it was my privilege to give away a 1000 bicycles to under privileged children. The bikesforkidsutah.com/ is in it's 3rd success year and I was glad to play my part. After safety checking several hundred bicycles I was put to work entertaining tour bus after tour bus from 8am to 4pm. Braking out old school flatland freestyle tricks, so long since forgotten there new again. I rudely awakened dormant muscles and traumatized them for the following days to come. It was worth it!


dougfresh said...

Mr. Sam,

I enjoyed your blog very much. It is good to see you are doing well. Me and a friend of mine Tony speek of you often. It would be nice to here from you.

Take care,


Tony said...

Dear Sam Moore,
I know you never had a Skyway TA, And where did these picture come from anyway? I think you and I did more riding then anybody. Out of all of the old gang I still freestyle once in a while.And how come there only pictures of you and Kurt? I jumped cars too you know. Do you know who this is? I rode a Powerlite,Redline,PK Ripper,Torker,Sting,Predator,and a real White Skyway TA,and I still have a skyway and I also have a Quad angle too..Last but not least I still have my Camaro Dual Quads and all... you know who this is now?

Sam Moore said...

What up Tony & Doug. Did you two finally get hitched. Miss you guys, hope we get to ride together again someday. My e-mail is " samuelfmoore@msn.com ". I'll give you a heads up next time I'm in town. I also have some pretty cool photo's from back in the day I'm sure you'll want to see. Hope to hear from ya.


I LOVE YOU said...